Who Makes Citadel Firearms?

As an old and trusted name in the firearms industry, who makes Citadel Firearms? The answer, of course, is none other than the House of Rothfied. This is the company that developed the pistol that we know today as the Model 40. Created in 1887, this is one of the oldest model handguns ever created.

who makes citadel firearms

Why is it so old? It was Rothfied’s intention to produce a full scale repeating firearm using the best powders and dies possible. This resulted in some unique designs, and to this day, these models are considered antique. These designs were not only used for their accuracy, but the overall appearance and feel of them were far better than any other firearms available at the time. Of course, quality never seemed to be an issue. The gun barrels were always factory-hot, the locking mechanisms were never made with keys, and even though safety mechanisms had been placed on many of the later models, safety was never an issue.

If you are looking for a great pistol that will last, and shoot well, then you really have to look into who makes citadel firearms. They don’t just manufacture firearms, they also build accessories for them. If you are an avid shooter and own a number of different styles and models, you might be interested in checking out what Citadel has to offer. They do have a whole line dedicated to pistols, and one that is particularly popular is their VP-series. This line contains two different models: one is the standard silhouette carry model, which uses a traditional look and feel for its frame and handle. The other model is the deluxe close-quarter silhouette model, which adds an ergonomic grip, larger butt plate, and a padded fore-end.

One of the most popular choices is their Sig Sauer Sig 1040. This model is designed for those who like the longer-range shooting that can be achieved with this particular model. However, they don’t just make this one model for hunters. They make it for every type of shooter, and every cartridge that is used in hunting. So, whether you’re interested in a pistol, rifle, shot gun, or even a sub-machine gun, they have it.

In addition to these two weapons, they also have a number of different designs made for different needs. For example, if you are looking for a pistol that will be comfortable to carry around, and will not likely to jam your gun, then you should check out their Talavera series. This is designed to be both strong and lightweight, and is perfect for any single, or multi-caliber weapon. Then, if you want to get a closer shot at the prey, but still want something that will be comfortable and reliable, then you should check out their Desert Eagle line of products.

Not only does Who makes cannons from the land down under, but they also offer a whole line of accessories for their firearms. For example, if you have an airsoft pistol that’s been broken into by rust, they can easily repair it for you. You should also be able to find scope mounts, pistols, and even training accessories. Of course, if you need any help finding what you need, they have a number of knowledgeable staff on hand. You can speak to them on the phone, via email, or in person to find exactly what you’re looking for, and exactly when you need it.