How Many Privately Owned Firearms in the US

The question of how many privately owned firearms in the US is difficult to answer because there is no federal registration requirement. In fact, the federal government hasn’t even created a central registry for firearms. That being said, an estimated 40% of households have a firearm, and 22% of individuals have one. While that number has decreased from 51% in 1978, gun purchases have hit historic highs in recent years, and the COVID-19 pandemic has raised gun ownership even more.

A study by the Small Arms Study in 2007 found that the United States has more firearms per capita than any other country. Men are more likely to own firearms than women, and white men are most likely to own them. According to the study, nearly half of rural residents and 28% of suburban residents say they own firearms. There are also significant differences between political parties. Despite these differences, gun ownership is increasing among all demographics, including women.

While self-defense is the most common reason to own a firearm, other reasons include sport shooting, hunting, and collecting. Another reason is a job requirement. In rural areas, gun owners are more likely to own a firearm for hunting than those in urban and suburban areas. Some gun owners have even a gun for self-defense – more than half of them cite this as a main reason for buying a firearm.

According to the Pew Research Center, more people in the southern U.S. own guns than those in the northeast. In the Northeast, for instance, only 16% of adult residents own a gun. In the Midwest, it’s about 30% and 28% in the South. In the Northeast, however, more gun ownership is centered in rural communities than in urban areas. The study also found that men owned more guns than women.

The study found that Americans are legally allowed to possess guns in their homes. But despite their constitutional right to carry a firearm in their homes, a growing number of them appear to be carrying a gun regularly outside the home. Among these individuals, three million carry a loaded handgun daily and nine million carry a loaded handgun at least once a month. Most of these people are men. A far-right demonstrator is photographed carrying a loaded rifle in a rally in Charlottesville.

According to the National Center for Health and Prevention, there are approximately 400 million privately owned firearms in the US. One third to half of households have at least one gun. While these numbers have increased in recent decades, they have remained stable. As a result, more people have concealed carry permits and carry a firearm regularly. These statistics are particularly encouraging, since the United States is experiencing historically low rates of violent crime, with homicide rates less than half of what they were during the early 1990s.

Statistics about gun deaths are based on survey estimates. There are no official national gun count, but estimates range from 265 million in a 2015 study to more than 400 million in 2020. According to the CDC, approximately 38,000 people died from firearm-related incidents in the US in 2014. The number of gun-related homicides and suicides has increased in recent years, although they remain far below levels seen in the early 1990s.