Who Owns Taurus Firearms?

who owns taurus firearms

Whether you are in the market for a new gun, or you are looking to buy a used one, you may be wondering who owns Taurus firearms. After all, who owns a gun if there is no warranty or other type of guarantee? You might even be curious about the criminal history of the person selling you the gun. If this is your situation, you should contact Taurus Firearms and inquire about their policies.

While most firearms companies are closely related, Taurus is not an exception. In fact, it was once owned by Smith & Wesson. That affiliation lasted until 1977, when the gun maker was bought by another group. Since then, however, the company has become one of the largest small arms makers in the world and has attracted a dedicated following. For those interested in learning more about the history of this American firearms company, here are some facts to keep in mind:

Founded 60 years ago in Porto Alegre, Brazil, Taurus has grown into one of the world’s largest small arms manufacturers. The company acquired a factory in Brazil from Beretta and made the PT-22, PT-25, and PT-738 pistols. The company has also expanded their manufacturing operations to other countries, including the United States, to serve American customers. For this reason, Taurus continues to develop new products that are designed for the American market.

In 2009, Taurus Holdings established a new factory in Bainbridge, Georgia, a small town famous for peanut farming. The company’s CEO created a call center where gun owners can ask questions about Taurus firearms. In rural Georgia, there are plenty of gun owners who are friendly and knowledgable. The company’s customer service representatives are an invaluable resource in terms of dealing with dealers and answering your questions.

One of the most popular Taurus handguns is the famous Raging Bull. This revolver is affordable, reliable, and high-quality. Taurus is known for experimenting with exotic metals, such as titanium, and this makes its firearms some of the lightest firearms in their class. The company also manufactures large caliber hunting guns and revolvers. The company has a wide variety of products in this category, and many people own Taurus firearms.

Who Owns Taurus Firearms? The company began manufacturing tool and dies in 1939 and began exporting guns to the U.S. market in 1968. In 1977, Bangor Punta Corporation purchased a majority stake in Forjas Taurus, a subsidiary of Smith & Wesson. In exchange for the majority stake in the company, Smith & Wesson shared the design and manufacturing secrets of Taurus. In the year 2000, the company changed hands again.