How Many Americans Own Firearms?

how many americans own firearms

How many Americans own firearms? While mass shootings and other high-profile incidents draw most attention, guns are used for other reasons as well. Americans use guns for everything from backyard barbecues to stalking and assault. According to recent statistics, half of all suicides in the United States in 2019 were committed with a firearm. And the reason for that may surprise you: American gun laws are among the least restrictive in the developed world.

According to the Pew Research Center, American adults will own nearly twenty-nine million firearms by the year 2021, up from the 18.6 million sold last year. This will be the second highest year on record. Fear of crime and public health are the leading causes for gun purchases, but political issues also play a role. According to the Pew Research Center, by 2021, there will be over twenty million firearms in American homes. This will be more than double the 16.7 million that were purchased pre-pandemic.

According to the Pew survey, approximately 46% of urban and suburban households have a gun. Those who live in the Northeast and the Midwest have the lowest gun ownership rates. In the South, Midwest, and West, the highest rates of gun ownership are found. Further, the rates of gun ownership vary across educational levels, political party, and region. In general, however, the percentage of households with firearms is higher in rural communities than in suburban areas.

The study also shows that gun ownership is most concentrated in American homes. The number of firearms owned by American adults is over three hundred million. That’s a staggering number for the world. And despite the many positive aspects of gun ownership, most gun owners don’t share the responsibility of firearm ownership. And if someone in your household is a gun owner, it means that their family members are also likely to have one.

The statistics show that American gun owners are more likely to be men than women, but women own fewer guns than men. Nevertheless, women account for 45% of gun owners in the United States, whereas 45% of men own a firearm. While women have been underrepresented in the gun ownership pie, the current figures show that the numbers are reversing. In 2019, 3.5 million women became first-time gun owners in the United States.

The Second Amendment gives Americans the right to own a gun, but it has become tangled in our society. While most developed nations have passed laws restricting gun ownership, the United States seems to be lagging behind. Despite these restrictions, Americans still own some of the highest numbers of firearms in the world. Federal regulations of guns are a major hurdle, as the Second Amendment protects the right to bear arms.

Recent reports show that the number of handguns produced in the United States has steadily increased. In fact, there were over 65 million handguns, 1.6 million rifles, and 878,568 shotguns in 2012. In 1982, American gun makers produced 446,865 handguns and rifles. The number of guns exported from the United States since 1970 has grown to 4.8 million. The tracing program is popular among law enforcement agencies, but many gun-owners oppose it as a way to register guns and make them harder to steal. This program was blocked by Congress in 1980.