Who Owns Marlin Firearms?

who owns marlin firearms

If you’ve ever wondered who owns marlin firearms, you’re not alone. The company has been around for many years, and produced a variety of firearms from shotguns to derringers and revolvers. Originally based in Madison, North Carolina, Marlin is now headquartered in Virginia. They also own H&R Firearms. While you may be surprised to learn that someone named Marlin owns both companies.

This rumor was started around 2011 when Marlin closed its manufacturing plant in North Haven, Connecticut. However, this was only a temporary pause in production. Marlin is actually owned by Remington Arms Co. Inc., a subsidiary of the Freedom Group, which acquired the company in 2008. In order to remain competitive, the company has consolidated the manufacturing processes for each brand. The result is a superior quality product and a better price for the consumer.

Marlin Firearms has also had several acquisitions. In addition to the Model 1881, the Model 7000 is a target rifle designed for biathlon competition. The XL7 and XS7 rifles are short action, center-fire bolt-action rifles that can be fired by either hand. The Marlin Model 1881 is a lever action repeating rifle with a heavy, non-tapered barrel.

The Marlin Firearms Company has a tumultuous history. After the founders died in 1901, the company went through several mergers and acquisitions. The Marlin Rockwell Corporation, founded in 1916, became the largest machine gun producer in the world. The Marlin gun was developed from the Marlin machine gun, and the Hopkins & Allen Arms Company was bought in 1917. After the merger, the company expanded its product line and expanded its sporting arm business.

In 1924, the company was purchased by a lawyer named Frank Kenna. Frank Kenna paid $100 for the properties and mortgaged them at one hundred thousand dollars. Since then, the company has been owned by the Kenna family. In fact, Frank Kenna reintroduced several models that were popular before World War I. The business also entered the razor blade business in 1936. Roger Kenna, Frank’s son, took over the presidency of the company in 1947. It enjoyed steady growth until his death in 1959.

The Marlin 1889 introduced side-ejection, which later became synonymous with the company’s lever-action rifles. Even though Marlin stopped manufacturing machine guns, they continued to produce handguns and rifles of all kinds. The company even built machine guns for a while. As a result, Marlin firearms remain one of the best options available for home defense. They are incredibly reliable and are highly popular among those who are looking for a gun.

Ruger recently purchased the Marlin Firearms brand from Remington. Ruger plans to produce the legendary line of sporting rifles. Marlin was founded in 1870 in Connecticut and has produced handguns, shotguns, machine guns, and bolt-action rifles. The company gained its most fame with its lever-action “cowboy” guns, producing more than 30 million lever guns by 2008.