How to Become a Certified Firearms Instructor

how to become a certified firearms instructor

Want to teach people how to shoot? You may have questions about how to become a certified firearms instructor. This article will answer those questions. If you’re ready to take the next step, read on. Here are some requirements for becoming a certified firearms instructor. First, you must have a background in firearms. A basic course in pistol and rifle shooting can give you the foundation you need. Next, you’ll need to take a training course and get an endorsement from an NRA Training Counselor.

You must pass the Firearms Instructor Qualifications on the first day of class. You must attend all classroom sessions and field exercises, and have at least 80% attendance. There may be additional attendance requirements, so check with your instructor. You must also complete a course for TCOLE credit. There are two courses that earn the TCOLE certification: TCOLE and ICPI. The TEEX course is more difficult, but it will pay off in the long run.

To become a certified firearms instructor, you need to take a firearms safety course. The NRA offers several courses across the country. Hundreds of firearms instructors train thousands of gun owners every year. The NRA also offers a discounted NRA Instructor course. To become a certified firearms instructor, you must have a valid firearm license and the necessary prerequisites. You must submit a training certificate to the NRA and show proof of completing the course.

Choosing a training course for your instructor course is a very important decision. Not only is it important to know what you’re doing, but you also need to find an instructor who can provide you with an education that will help you teach firearms safely. The NRA is one of the largest organizations that provides this training. If you’re interested in becoming a firearms instructor, you should seek out courses from both of these organizations.

Before pursuing the NRA instructor training course, you should complete a basic firearms safety course. The Basic Instructor course is six hours long and covers the NRA policies, public speaking skills, firearm safety, and teaching methodologies. The course also includes a training team and training aids. Finally, you’ll learn how to organize a course and how to create a budget. This course prepares you for the next level of firearm discipline specific training.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, it’s time to become a qualified firearms instructor. Once you’ve earned your certification, you can teach courses in all types of shooting. The course requires you to attend a pre-qualification class and a range officer course. To get this certification, you must pass a minimum of eighty percent of the course. You’ll also have to attend a SAFTEA course.