How Many Privately Owned Firearms in the US?

how many privately owned firearms in the us

How Many Privately Owned Firearms in the US?

There are many reasons why the question of how many privately owned firearms in the US is important. One of the most important questions is how these firearms come into the country. In some states it is very easy to get a firearm as there are licensed dealers that make you fill out an application and take a few forms. Once you fill out the application and turn it in, the agent at the store will transfer it on to the dealer who then resells it to you. This means you have no responsibility or interest in the gun, and you never have to pay taxes or licensing fees.

However, in other states it is very different. When you purchase a firearm from a licensed dealer, the government acts as the middleman and stores the gun for you. You may be required to go through a process where you can obtain a temporary firearm permit (this varies from state to state), and then you must wait to purchase your “permanent” firearm certificate which is valid for a specific number of months.

You may also be required to undergo an interview where the firearms inspector will determine if you are a good candidate to own firearms. If you pass this interview, then you will be given your certificate and you can begin buying. If you fail, then you will not be permitted to own firearms.

Private ownership of firearms has its advantages. Because there is no licensing or taxes involved, it allows more individuals to own firearms. As mentioned, there are no restrictions on how many firearms you can buy or own. You can shop online, with no sales tax, or you can buy old guns for pennies on the dollar! Unlike the system in the UK, which allows people to own firearms with a Straw Purchase, you do not need to prove to a licensed firearms trader that you possess the weapon(s) you are trying to buy.

How many firearms in the US is the Government trying to get rid of? A great number. There have been proposals to ban the manufacture and sale of fully automatic weapons, ban handguns, regulate ammunition and require instant background checks for firearm purchases. These measures would all make owning firearms difficult, if not impossible for the general public. These measures are not being implemented as the US Congress is refusing to fund these measures.

So why does the US Government want to ban these types of firearms? The problem is that there is just too much violence in our society right now. People do not commit violence in the home every day. It takes a lot of opportunity to develop mentally unstable individuals into violent mass shooters. In my opinion, this is the number one reason that these types of firearms should not be available.