What Happened to Ben at Classic Firearms?

what happened to ben at classic firearms

“What Happened to Ben at Classic Firearms” is the third Ben Stiller movie directed by Bill Murray. The film also stars John Lithgow in the title role. It takes place in 1950s New York City, so the story can be set during that time period. There are many social issues that are explored in this film, such as the importance of keeping a gun away from children. The movie also features a great cast, including a young Ben Stiller.

Upon being arrested at a police station, Ben and his friend decide to rob the police station. They manage to escape custody and then embark on a series of daring heists, one of which involves the theft of a nuclear warhead. They later break into a federal store in the United States and are stopped at a gun store. However, they make their escape when a new friend appears and helps them escape.