Where Are Chiappa Firearms Made?

where are chiappa firearms made

If you’re interested in the history of firearms, it’s worth taking a look at where Chiappa firearms are manufactured. Founded in 1958, the company began as Armi Sport before incorporating. Although the company has headquarters in Dayton, Ohio, it also produces firearms worldwide, including replicas of historic weapons. Their catalogue includes handguns for hunting, self defense, sporting, and signal use.

For those who enjoy hunting, Chiappa makes a range of rifles and shotguns. The Double Badger, for example, is a double-barrelled rifle that works equally well as a shotgun. It has a front sight, fiber optic ghost ring, and dovetail rail for optics. It weighs just a bit and is portable. Moreover, Chiappa makes a wide range of other firearms, including the Chiappa Rhino revolver.

The M1-22 revolver is a popular choice for people interested in collecting antique guns. It’s a replica of the USGI M1 Carbine, chambered in cheap.22 caliber, and features a curved lever and grip. The LA322 rifle has a 5″ barrel and a 15-round capacity. Chiappa has made several replicas of vintage American guns and is known for its iconic Mare’s Leg, a sawed-off lever-action rifle featured in 1950 TV westerns.

The manufacturing floor is highly technical, but the family-owned company is still a family affair. According to one company executive, the employees are artisans. Wood stocks are crafted by hand, then cured and finished with climate-controlled tools. Each wood stock is specifically designed for a specific firearm receiver, and each one is hand-assembled. Female employees, by the way, are thought to have superior hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity.

Another firearm manufactured by Chiappa is the 1911-22. This rimfire training pistol is a visually faithful replica of the Colt and Winchester M1 carbines. There’s also the M9-22, the first PCC based on the AK. In fact, the Chiappa RAK-9 is made by the same company. Chiappa firearms have a history rooted in American military and law enforcement.

Chiappa is also a leading brand in the shooting industry. The company is the exclusive global distributor for Charles Daly Firearms, one of the oldest names in the shooting sports. Charles Daly is a trusted name in firearms, and the company is famous for importing high-quality products. Among the firearms available from Chiappa include semi-auto shotguns, pump action shotguns, side-by-side, and over-under shotguns.

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