Where Are Ruger Firearms Made?

where are ruger firearms made

If you have ever wondered, “Where are Ruger firearms made?” you’re not alone. There are more than two million firearms made in the United States each year, and the company continues to grow. The company has more than 2,000 employees spread across three factories: Prescott, Arizona; Newport, New Hampshire; and Mayodan, North Carolina. While most firearms companies have their own factories, Ruger has three of its own.

Ruger’s own factory in Newport, New Hampshire produces firearm parts for 25 different manufacturers. The company has manufactured rocker arms for the automotive industry and railroad locks and machine gun parts. Today, the company is the sole American firearms manufacturer publicly traded on NASDAQ. Its guns are acclaimed by shooters for their accuracy, precision, and ease of use. This makes them a favorite among shooters of all skill levels.

The company is a great source of quality guns and ammunition. Ruger has resurrected the Marlin Firearms brand and made it affordable for the average gun owner. It uses the best materials available to create high-end firearms. Carbon steel is an especially strong material that won’t bend or break, even under normal use. The rifles and other firearms go through a CNC machining center to achieve a high level of precision and tight tolerances.

Another popular Ruger handgun is the 10/22 semi-automatic rifle. This pistol is widely used by shooters of all skill levels. It is inexpensive and reliable, and ammunition is widely available. The Mk. IV is the latest in the line. The Ruger Standard pistol is the most popular of all rimfire semi-automatic handguns. In fact, it’s one of the best-selling guns of all time.

The history of Ruger Guns begins in the late 1800s. William Ruger, a veteran of World War II, founded the company in 1949 with $50,000 investment. The company had to start small, as it was in deep debt and on the verge of closing its doors. The founders were faced with detractors when they first launched their company. The company took up space in a machine shop, and made their first guns in 1949. The company quickly climbed to the top of the gun makers list and became one of the most recognized and respected firearm brands in the world.

Although Ruger has a large number of production facilities, the majority of their firearms are made in Europe. However, you may have to wait for several months to get your hands on a specific model of Ruger firearm if you want to buy one from a different country. Luckily, you can find some information on the exact manufacture date on the Ruger website. It may be a little difficult to find a complete list of the company’s firearms, but it will give you an idea of what type of Ruger firearm you are looking for.

Although Ruger is not as well-known as Smith & Wesson, the company is the largest manufacturer of firearms in the United States. The company pumps out over a million guns annually. It was the second-largest gun manufacturer in the United States from 2008 to 2011; in fact, Ruger made over six million rifles compared to Remington’s 381,000. It is hard to argue with this success.