What Happened to Ben at Classic Firearms?

In What Happened to Ben at Classic Firearms, author Jennifer Deederich shares how Ben wound up in the cross-hairs of FBI Special Agent Mary Ross. Deederich writes about the long standing friendship between Ben and Mary that evolved into a professional and romantic relationship. What happened to Ben at Classic Firearms is a story of intrigue, deception, betrayal, and murder that ended in tragedy for both. Classic Firearms offers readers a dark comedy wrapped up with romance that makes the serious themes of the story shine through.

Ben, a divorced Jewish man, was living with his parents and his two younger siblings when the World War II began. His father was a doctor while Ben was a student at MIT. Ben had joined the Air Force after the war and was honorably discharged when the war was over. Ben was not troubled by his background but on the day of his discharge, his father died of a heart attack. It was a wake-up call to Ben to better himself and not look back.

Ben and his best friend, Gene, decided to join forces to start their own company. They named the company Modern Times Trading Post Company. Within a short period of time, they were building up a fortune. They had the backing of their parents who saw their vision of a thriving business grow into a huge success.

What happened to Ben at Classic Firearms is the story of their success as they approached the finish line. Gene and Ben were confident that they knew how to get into the entertainment business. One of the key elements in their plan was to set up shop in New York City at the newly constructed Lincoln Center. However, a tragic accident killed Ben’s best friend, Jack Plank, while Ben was on the job.

The authorities were called and investigated the scene. During the investigation, it was discovered that Plank had been shot multiple times. He had worked with Ben at the company and had become like a brother to him. Ben tried to comfort Plank by saying he would miss him, but discovered later that Plank died from his wounds. Years later, Ben tried to follow up on information that Plank was murdered, but found out too late that it was Plank who was involved in the murder. As a result, Ben hired a private investigator named John McKedrick to find out the truth about what happened to Plank and why.

Years later, Ben developed a second passion and interest in guns. He purchased several firearms of different models and designs. One day, while washing dishes at home, he came across some information regarding an illegal gun purchase. When questioned, he learned that Ben had purchased two handguns without a license and he was arrested for possession of illegal weapons. Ben immediately went to his lawyer, seeking help in defending his actions.