Where Is Cimarron Firearms Making?

where are cimarron firearms made

Where Is Cimarron Firearms Making?

Is where are cimarron firearms made located? Yes, in Pennsylvania. In fact the Cimarron Firearms Corporation owns the factory.

It is quoted by gun enthusiasts that they have inspected the factory premises and found no scrapes or damage. In fact there is very little to see inside except a large warehouse which seems to be in use for storage. However it appears that the factory does make quite a few guns quite well made. For instance their SAA duplicates are made in Italy by Uberti and fit and polished here. They are said to be of good quality.

Some guns in question are said to be of good condition with very few flaws. One of the most interesting features is the fact that they are said to be single actions. So how is a single action a “action” you may ask? A single action is when the shooter has to hold both hands simultaneously for the same movement to take place. For instance, the shooter pulls the trigger and the gun moves. Only one finger is required for the same operation as with double actions.

One of the most important things that we learn about Cimarron is that it sells decent guns. For instance it sells a Remington shotgun that is in excellent condition and has a two year warranty on the hammer. This shotgun was chambered in 3 lbs. of calibre and is said to shoot between one hundred twenty to one hundred fifty feet. The seller also includes a two-year-old Remington deer rifle that was sourced from an old bear and has a two-year-old scope.

In conclusion, I believe we can safely say that Cimarron Firearms are indeed where the best guns go. For instance, the gun that the seller quoted us is a Remington model 725 that has a steel frame and a one-half inch barrel. It is said to be one of the better single actions that Remingtons have ever come out with. The seller even included papers with the purchase that details its construction. This is what we call authenticity!

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