How Much Does a Firearm Instructor Make?

How much does a firearms instructor make? It’s a common question among firearm owners, hunters and dealers. With the job being so critical to the safety and protection of others, it’s easy to see why people are interested in the salary information of a trainer or instructor. Here’s a look at how much instructors make, and where they come from.

how much does a firearms instructor make

There are two main factors that determine how much does a firearms instructor make. Those factors are the type of course he or she is teaching and how much time that class is being held. In most states, there is a set amount of hours required to teach a class, depending on whether it’s a classroom or hands-on training course. If the number of hours is less than the state requirement, the firearms instructor will get paid for those hours.

However, that doesn’t mean that an instructor can’t make more money by offering courses outside of the state-mandated hours. For example, some states require classroom hours, while others do not. That means that there could be courses being offered outside of those hours, and an instructor can make more if he or she offers those courses. An additional consideration is whether or not an instructor teaches one class on a regular schedule or offers some one-time specials. Those types of classes might earn extra money, too.

The other factor that goes into the calculation is the location of the school. In larger cities, there is usually a higher demand for firearms instructors. That means that the salary is often more than it would be in a smaller rural community. But there is more to it than location. For example, if there is an active hunting or gun ownership season in a city, that affects how much instructors make. In towns that offer sporting good stores, there is also likely to be a high demand for instructors.

Knowing how much does a firearms instructor make does depend a great deal on the experience of the instructor. An experienced instructor will generally command a higher salary, but he or she may not know how to best teach a particular subject and may not know any good sources for information. It helps to have references, whether they come from clients or from other instructors. Those references can be found online, and they can help determine the value of an instructor. Plus, references are only helpful, because an instructor cannot improve upon his or her own performance.

How much does a firearm instructor make is going to vary greatly based upon where he or she works. Some states require an instructor to have an active license, but that license is only good for a certain amount of time. Other states don’t require licenses at all and only allow continuing education credits to count. Find out how much you would earn in your area, and then take that into account when trying to determine how much does a firearms instructor make.