The Browning Citori 725: A Great Shotgun With Great Results

Compared to the Citori 625, the 725 really isn’t as sleeker. In fact, its look is more reminiscent of an old school shotgun than anything else. However, its thinner appearance isn’t an optical illusion. Its six inches long, it’s actually only four inches wide. Its six pointed, wide-toothed safety-pin rests between the magazine and the barrel, for support. It’s not exactly sleek and sexy, but then again, it isn’t really much different than a regular shotgun.

What sets the Citori apart is the fact that it’s engineered from carbon and stainless steel, two of the most durable and attractive materials around today. This makes for a shotgun that’s not only tough, but highly accurate, too. The barrel’s six points are arranged in a box pattern, rather than the circular pattern common to most shotguns, but this arrangement provides a more stable firing trajectory. The resulting accuracy is due partly to the way the shots are launched. Rather than firing off each round at the same time, the shotgun rapidly launches all of them at once, and they all hit their mark, ensuring that the overall distance to target is greater.

There are some differences, however, between the shotgun and the handgun. For starters, it’s easier to conceal using a shotgun because its size and overall design make it more concealable. That being said, however, many people prefer a gun over a handgun for the sheer blast of its pellets. A standard handgun, by contrast, has a large, heavy weapon that’s difficult to aim and often has to be held steady against the recoil in order to remain effective. For that reason, many shotgun owners also own firearms for protection reasons, and many would be unable to use a handgun in an accident.

Despite its size and cumbersome appearance, the Browning Citori 725 also packs quite a wallop. Its large shells, modeled after those used in submachine guns, generate a huge amount of shot with every shot. A quality index recoil pad, modeled after military sub-machine guns, adds additional functionality to this already impressive gun. Combined with an easy-to-change or replaceable buttstock, the inflex recoil pad allows users to easily increase the shotgun’s effectiveness.

Although the overall size of the shotgun is larger than many standard size airsoft guns, the Browning Citori 725 still manages to pack quite a punch. Its larger rounds, especially the larger “A” shell, enable the gun to pack a significant amount of energy. An airsoft accessory called the inflex ii pad controls the firing rate of the weapon in several different ways. By varying the pressure applied to the shells, the user can achieve different effects, ranging from faster shooting to higher sustained firing rates.

Other advantages of the Citori include its fast firing rate and great accuracy. Due to its high accuracy and fast shooting rate, it is favored by many experienced airsoft players. However, although the shotgun is one of the best airsoft guns available, its drawbacks such as the relatively large size and awkward handling may put some airsoft gun users off. To combat these negatives, many manufacturers are now releasing models with a side-mounted recoil absorbing pad that can be attached to the shotgun’s frame.

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