How To Ship Firearms Via Common Carrier And UPS

Many different states and countries require that people who are interested in the business of importing, exporting or transferring firearms to obtain a FOID card from the corresponding agency. However, some individuals need this card even if they plan on selling the firearms, receiving the firearm, storing the firearm and shipping the firearm to another location. There are several important steps required for these individuals and we will discuss them here.

how to ship firearms

The first step in shipping ammunition and firearms to another location is to apply for a FOID card. This is the concealed carry license, that you have to have in order to own and carry firearms, and that you have to have on hand at all times when shipping ammunition. The second step when shipping ammunition is you have to have the correct packaging material to attach to your package as well as the correct labels to put on your package.

In addition to applying for a FOID card, people also need to obtain an Import permit before loading a firearm on an aircraft. Even if you do not have a FOID card, you still need an Import permit in order to ship ammunition. You can apply for an Import permit at the same time that you apply for a FOID card and usually take about 7 days to receive it as well. It is important to remember that if you import a firearm and ammunition from a foreign country, then you have to purchase an Import permit from that foreign country in addition to obtaining a FOID card and importing the firearm and ammunition into the United States. These procedures are very detailed and if you are unsure of anything, don’t do business with a supplier or dealer that doesn’t offer this complete process. This can be one of the most important steps involved in the wholesale gun and ammunition business and your not want to be in the middle of the process and have to call them to double check or come back another day to purchase because they didn’t have everything in order.

When shipping ammunition, it is critical that the package is as safe as possible. An experienced company will have processes in place to make sure that your package is as secure as possible. There are many options available for how to ship ammunition and it’s important to understand how the company you choose will transport the ammunition to its destination. This includes choosing the type of vehicle that the package will be shipped in, the type of box the package is shipped in and even how the package will be packed.

One option to ship firearms via common carrier is FedEx. FedEx has a great reputation for being the preferred carrier to ship packages internationally and this service can be used to ship ammunition as well. It is important to note that FedEx prices do vary greatly depending on the weight and size of the package as well as the number of shipping pieces that need to be included. Generally speaking, FedEx delivers packages within two-day time periods and this timeframe will vary from one region to another.

An additional option is UPS. UPS provides next day delivery as well as two-day ground shipping which are more affordable than FedEx. UPS has a much larger delivery area than FedEx and this means that UPS can ship firearms as far away as 100 miles from the customer. When learning how to ship firearms via UPS, it is important to ensure that the package is packed properly and that all necessary insurances are applied.