Christensen Arms Redesigns Range of Rifles

The Christensen Arms Mesa line of rifles features a design that’s decidedly different from other manufacturer’s designs. There are three models that are offered with this company and all feature a unique trigger and hammer action system. What sets them apart, other than the fact that they are so unique, is that all models feature an oversized buttstock and a removable magazine tube. All models have a one-piece bolt that locks up the action with a heavy-duty locking nut.

Like many of the firearms Christensen Arms offers, the models feature a high port, low heel trigger that is considered a low-boom trigger. This allows for a faster follow through than standard triggers and will allow shooters to engage targets quicker than with other less-efficient triggers. The Christensen Arms Mesa features a short action with a 2.5 pound trigger, a standard AICS hammernut, and a removable magazine tube that easily attaches on the top rail. With short action models weighing 6.5 pounds unloaded and having little porting, it is not as light as some of the lighter bolt action rifles available, however the Mesa has an affordable MSRP of just $1,05.

Among other features, the Christensen Arms Mesa includes a match chamber that provides accuracy improvements over other types of ammunition. Match chambers reduce kickback, which helps to stabilize the rifle as it makes contact with the target and doesn’t cause movement during the follow through. An enlarged bore prevents hot gases from escaping back into the shooter’s hands when shooting. The larger bore also means the rounds are more accurate and have better expansion, which leads to better penetration and travel distance. In general, the round has about twice the energy per pound of ammunition that goes into the typical hunting round and the match chamber greatly increases that power.

Another key feature in the Christensen Arms Mesa is the pistol grip, which is much more comfortable than typical rifle grips. The Palmer (style) grip features a Maglite insert that allows for a firm, secure hold on the rifle. Other models feature rubber butt caps instead of butt pads, which also adds comfort to the firing experience.

In general, these landlords are very accurate. However, they can be harder to hit consistently at long ranges due to wind, especially for shooters who are used to hunting heavier weapons. Also, this type of rifle can favor fast, smooth shots over slower, more forceful ones, which can lead to inadvertent miss hits. The best way to increase consistency with these guns is to handhold them rather than factory-loaded ammo. Handloads, which include both rimfire and calibers, will consistently hit points of interest at ranges beyond 200 yards with lessened recoil. In addition, handloading prevents consistent feeding, which keeps the rifle from spending its time in the holster while waiting for the next round to be loaded.

If you are an avid hunter looking for a quality rifle that is not only accurate, but versatile enough to handle larger game, the Christensen Arms Mesa Sporter may be the perfect choice for you. These rifles come in various configurations, including a short rifle for hunters who like to carry a more compact, lightweight model. Longer models are available for hunters interested in varmint hunting, as these models are equipped with a predator-style scope. Either the short or long model of Christensen Arms Mesa can handle larger game and shoot more consistently than other models on the market today.

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